“It is no bad thing to celebrate a simple life” – J.R.R. Tolkien

​Hi!  My name is Nigel Llamas.

I love how the sun plays. I love riding my bike.
​I love pen and inks.
I am a 90’s Sega and Nintendo kid.
My In game name is G7ITCHKING.
A Tolkien and Star Wars lover.


I want to describe my style of work: Honest, photojournalistic and street documentary. I just love those candid look. Oh! and that grainy filmish look!

 I don’t see myself as a traditional wedding photographer. To be honest I don’t want to look like a Wedding Photographer on your special day. Non of that Photographer Attire you may see every event. I’ll be just hiding like a sniper, or like Harry with his old invisibility cloak. I’ll be like one of your guests!

​I don’t have a list of what to do or what I should be doing next. I would rather see you enjoy your day, every minute of it. Without interruption, I won’t dictate and stop you just to have a picture of every angle, while you wearing your suit. I don’t like repeats.

Colors/Shapes/You: I love the old film colors, brings back the memory right? I don’t do heavy editing. If you’re having problems with your shape, I think I’m not your photographer. I am no magician and do not know about making you thin/small/sexy using photoshop.
But you can be You. No sizes, no shapes. Love yourself. I think you’ll have no problem if you do.

Your day with me is always 100% non-traditional, non-formulaic. I love seeing couples being True to their way. I love capturing real-time moments. I love how my images just come naturally because of your beautiful self. 
I love going on an adventure. I want to be a part of your special day. I want to hear your ideas and dreams. Take me on your adventure no matter where and let me capture those moments you want to remember like it was yesterday.

There are lots of great photographers out there, think of what you want for your special day. I may not be the best for it.

What? You want me to witness and document your special day?
Then let’s go! Start your adventure HERE!


+63 9206336622


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